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Storage for organic peroxides

From a chemical point of view, organic peroxides (OP) are derivatives of hydrogen peroxide. They have the –O – O – group as their characteristic group. One knows alkyl hydroperoxides, Dialkylperoxide, Perester, Persäuren, Percarbonate, Diacylperoxide, Ketonperoxide, Perketale and others.

From the large number of known organic peroxides, around 50 substances are used for technical purposes. Some of these are used in their pure form and some are mixed with solvents and other auxiliaries and additives to make a large number of formulations. You use them z. B. as a radical starter for polymerizing monomers in plastics production, as a hardener for unsaturated polyester resins (UP resins) or as a crosslinker in the rubber industry. Aqueous solutions with different levels of peracetic acid are important disinfectants.

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Bunker organische Peroxide
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